Passing Points Procedures

General Format:

  • Passing Points will be used on all weekly, non-special events.
  • Drivers draw at Pit booth for heat starting spot.
  • Heats lined heads up from draw.
  • Upon completion of heats, drivers will be assigned points for both finishing spot(Finishing Points) and for spots advanced from the start of the heat(Passing Points).
  • Drivers will be ranked in order of the most Total Points. Total Points is the sum of Finishing Points and passing points.
  • The driver with the most Total Points will lined up inside row one of the feature. Second in Total Points will line up outside row one. Third, inside row two and so on through the field.
  • If Consis are necessary, the consis will be lined up the same way as the feature with the pole car being the driver with the most total points who does not make the feature cut off.
  • Consis and Feature finish are NOT subject to passing points. Consi finish will be used heads up to determine drivers transferring to feature. Feature finish is heads up to determine winner and monies won.

Passing Points Details:

  • Finishing Points(FP)
    • Drivers receive FP based on their finishing order in their heat race. Heat winner receives 59 points. Second, receives 55. Third receives 51. And so on with a 4 point difference per position.
  • Passing Points(PP)
    • Drivers receive PP based on how many spots they advance during their heat. Drivers receive 1.76 points per spot advanced from starting position to finishing position.
    • PP are awarded ONLY for total spots advanced. PP are not awarded for every pass made(ie – passing a car dropping back then passing a car again will not award multiple PP)
    • Starting position is determined at the green flag(and only initial green flag) and is not necessarily the same as the posted lineup.(ie – a car scheduled to start on the pole of a heat not making the call, would not automatically mean all other cars get 1.76 PP. It would result is a resetting of the field)
    • A driver electing to take the tail or a spot other than his assigned starting spot will not be eligible for PP. This is to prevent a “fast car” in a “weak heat” from taking the tail and abusing the system. They still will receive the appropriate FP for their finishing spot. The same will go for a driver who does not draw for a heat spot.
  • Total Points(TP)
    • TP are the sum of a driver’s PP and FP.
    • After the heats, all drivers from all heats are combined into one group and sorted by TP to determine feature(and consi if necessary) lineup.

Passing Points Chart: