General Race Procedures

General Format and Procedures:

  • Drivers draw at Pit Booth for Heat starting spot.
  • Lineups and nightly race format posted at board by fuel tanks.
  • Cars line up for hotlaps at turn 3 track entrance. Only one session per driver. Cars must hotlap with their heat race group. If they are not at the gate when their group goes out, they forfeit their hotlaps.
  • Heats lined up by draw.
  • Feature and Consi Lineups determined by Passing Points.(See Passing Points sheet for details)
  • These procedures may be modified on certain events.

General Rules:

  • Raceceivers and transponders are Mandatory in all Late Model, Modified, Crate, Sport Mod, and Hornet events.
  • All regular show events in all divisions will have a one minute per lap time limit starting with the initial green flag. Once the time limit is passed, the race will be allowed to continue until there is a caution flag or the race is completed. If a caution occurs, the race will be given one chance at a “green-white-checkered” finish. If another caution comes out, the race will be considered completed at that point.
  • If you stop on the track for any reason, you go to the tail. This includes the initial start. Stopping at an official under yellow flag conditions for certain safety reasons is allowed. (Note: If a Red Flag situation occurs, officials reserve the right to revert to previous lap or initial start.)
  • After receiving the checkered flag, cars are to slow down and exit the track into the infield entrance on the backstretch. DO NOT stay in the throttle or continue around to enter the infield in turn 4.
  • Anyone jumping the start will be given one warning. Second offense will result in a one row penalty.
  • On the third complete, “non-jumping” restart of any race, the field may be put in single file order.
  • Passing before, hitting, or going under the cone will result in offending car going to the tail of the field.
  • You may enter the infield at any entrance. YOU MAY NOT RE-ENTER THE TRACK DURING GREEN FLAG CONDITIONS. You must wait till the next caution to re-enter the track.
  • Under a red flag, there is no working on cars on the track. Cars will be allowed to go to infield for work. Cars not returning to the track before race returns to yellow will be put to the tail.
  • If a car leaves the infield and goes to the actual pit area during any race, that car is considered out of that race and will not be allowed to return to the track or infield for that race.
  • Any crews in the infield must remain in the center of the infield during any green flag laps. Officials reserve the right to black flag any cars whose crews violate this rule.
  • Officials will not pull sheet metal or do any work on cars.
  • Due to insurance regulations, 4 wheelers are only permitted in the pit and infield area. They are NOT allowed in the parking lots or any other areas of the track. Also, 4 wheelers may only be operated by persons 16 years of age or older.
  • Double file restarts will be used on all Late Model Feature events. Procedures are as follows:
    • Once under yellow, cars will be put in single file order with all lapped cars going to tail.
    • Leader of the race will have the first row alone.
    • Second place car will be given choice of inside or outside row. When asked, drivers should give a clear indication to the official as to which row is chosen. Track officials reserve the right to make lane choice for driver if clear indication not given.
    • Third place car will go in opposite row from the second place car. Fourth place will go behind second place, fifth behind third and so on.
    • Each row does NOT make their own selection. Cars attempting to go in a different row than they are assigned will be sent to the tail.
    • Once single file order is correct and the field is beginning to double file, any cars coming from the pits will be put on the tail behind any lapped cars.
    • Officials reserve the right to revert to single file starts if required due to time or track conditions.

Florence Speedway will use Raceceivers at all events. Raceceivers are small, one-way radios that allow a designated speedway official to talk to the drivers in order to speed up caution periods and prevent further wrecks. The Raceceivers will be mandatory in the Late Model, Modified, and Pure Stock divisions at all times. The track will have Raceceivers available for sale or for weekly rental. More information is available below.

  • Raceceiver model used: Elite 1600
  • Frequency used: 454.0000
  • Sale price: email for details
  • Rental price: $10 (renter provides headset) – $15 (renter needs headset)
  • Raceceiver start-up procedures:
    1. Remove battery door and put AAA Battery in Raceceiver.
    2. Confirm that the unit reads 454.0000
    3. Reattach and lock battery door.
    4. Plug in earpiece and put foam ends in ears.
    5. At end of night’s racing remove battery and reattach door.
  • Tips for getting the most out of your Raceceiver:
    • Always use new batteries: The most common problems that occur with Raceceivers are typically cured by putting in new batteries. Also, new batteries can sometimes be bad right out of the box, so check with a known good battery.
    • Use good quality batteries.
    • Do not put your battery in until just before going out for your heat. Raceceivers are not used during hot laps or qualifying, so no need to put the battery in early and reduce the life of the battery.
    • The Raceceiver automatically goes to the proper frequency(454.0000) when the battery is inserted and you should never need to change the channel.
    • If you experience sound distortion, try turning the volume down. Experience has shown that turning the volume to max can cause the sound to distort or break up.
    • Attach your Raceceiver to your belts or somewhere else close-by in a way that will not cause the earpiece to come unplugged during a race.
    • When rolling out on the track for a race, you will receive a Raceceiver check through your Raceceiver. This is to verify that everyone’s units are working. You will also receive directions as to where to lineup. During green flag laps, the Raceceivers will only be used to call out cautions. Typically you will hear something like “Caution, Caution, Caution, Car high in 3.”  After the caution is out, cars will be directed to where they belong in the lineup, and, if applicable, be told to begin double filing for a restart. On track officials may also direct you to your appropriate spot if necessary.
    • When removing the earpiece from your ears, pull on the foam piece directly rather than pulling on the wires. Pulling the wires can cause them to come loose from the ends and will void any warranty on the earpieces.
    • Be careful with your Raceceiver. While it is designed to be used in racing applications, it is still an electronic device and is susceptible to the usual dangers such as water damage and breakage. You are responsible for any damage you do to the unit.